A powerhouse duo, performing a mixture of Country, Bluegrass, Americana & original songs, featuring Leanne Thorose on mandolin/guitar/vocals and Eleanor Wilkie on double bass.


Our Story

 Sapphire Storm is a spin-off collaboration from all-female bluegrass band ‘Midnight Skyracer, who were the first bluegrass band in the UK to be signed to a major record label (Island Records) back in 2020. Leanne & Eleanor decided that they wanted to form a duo in order to venture into the Country music scene a little more, even though their love for Bluegrass music still very much remains. 

Meet The Band

Leanne Thorose is a Vocalist and Multi Instrumentalist based in London, England. She plays the Mandolin, Fiddle & Guitar specialising in Bluegrass and Country music.

in 2011, Leanne traveled to Nashville, Tennessee where she recorded her first Bluegrass album 'Bluestack Mountain Girl' at the age of 21. The album was recorded by Mark Moseley at Sound Control Studios and contains lyrics written by Charlie Boston and the music written by Leanne. 'Bluestack Mountain Girl' features her father Ced Thorose on Dobro, Bryan Sutton on Guitar, Aubrey Haynie on Fiddle, Scott Vestal on Banjo, Adam Steffey & Andy Leftwich on Mandolin, Mike Bub & Dennis Crouch on Bass and Monty Lane Allen on Harmony Vocals.

Leanne has been a touring musician for over 10 years and has made appearances in a number of different bands and theatre projects including the critically acclaimed Irish Dance show 'Essence of Ireland' as their lead Fiddle player where she completed tours around the UK with shows in Qatar and Johannesburg, South Africa.

She currently sings lead vocals and plays mandolin in the all female IBMA Nominated Bluegrass band 'Midnight Skyracer' - The band released their first album 'Fire' in 2018 and were signed to Island / Universal Records in 2020 where they released their second album 'Shadows On The Moon' 

Leanne is also a reliable 'dep' musician and is no stranger to being thrown in the deep end at learning new material for last minute gigs, she is regularly called upon for session work.

She is also a fun, patient teacher on the Mandolin, Fiddle & Guitar to which many students have found her approach to be a very motivating and enjoyable experience!

Eleanor has predominately been on the bluegrass and folk music scene for over two decades and has played double bass and fiddle in bands such as 'Dulaman', 'Keep Off The Grass', 'Chill Until Blue', 'Shake the Roots', and more recently (2017-present), as the bass player for the all-female band, 'Midnight Skyracer'

Midnight Skyracer are currently the only UK bluegrass band who have ever been signed to a major record label, when they were signed to Island/Universal Records in 2020. 

Eleanor also plays piano, and tends to write many of her songs on this. Other instruments that Eleanor enjoys to flirt with include banjo, guitar and mandolin. 

Eleanor has always enjoyed writing songs, especially for a band situation. Her song-writing styles includes bluegrass, folk, country and pop, although songs that have been professionally recorded are those in the bluegrass genre.